How to Sell on Etsy without Making Anything

Discover how to sell on Etsy and make an extra monthly income without making anything! Get all important information here!

Short Introduction to Etsy

Etsy is a popular marketplace where you can sell or buy crafts, handmade items, vintage goods, and etc. If you are not a crafter, an artist or a vintage item dealer you’ve probably never planned on selling on this popular platform. The whole concept of Etsy is selling and buying vintage or handmade items. So, is there a way to sell on Etsy without making anything?

Of course, there is, and we are going to show you how!

How to Sell on Etsy and What to Sell on Etsy

Apparently, you can make an extra monthly income by selling needlecraft kits, patterns, and suppliers. Believe it or not, people are interested in needlecraft kits, patterns, and supplies just like they are interested in handmade crafts or vintage goods.

    • Find Your Niche – There are a lot or items you could possibly sell on Etsy. However, you need to figure out how and what to sell on Etsy by finding your niche first. You can visit the local thrift stores where you can purchase all kinds of stuff including patterns and kits for a few bucks. Open an Etsy shop and start selling these products. Don’t forget to increase the price, in order to make some profit.
    • Buy the Items at Inexpensive Prices – The kits and patterns are already inexpensive, but if you want to make an even bigger profit, you can become a bargain shopper. Buying cheap is the key to making a profit. There are stores that offer discounts and coupons, so make sure to find these shops and shop from there. Get to know the shops around you, you’ll be surprised how great deals you can find.
    • List Products on Etsy – Listing your products on Etsy is important as you are presenting your items to the world. Listing a product on Etsy is $0.20 per product for four months. Besides, Etsy gets around 3.5% of your selling price, which is pretty affordable when compared to eBay and Amazon listing fees. Considering the fact that Etsy is a popular marketplace, if you want to stand out from the crowd, there are a few things you can do:
    • Post High-Quality Photos of Your Products – Etsy allows you to add five photos per product. Make sure to use them all and add clear and high-quality photos only. When people shop online, they can’t feel the textures or materials, but if the photo is good enough they will buy the product.

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Write Descriptions for Your Products – When listing a certain product, you need to include a description as well. The description should provide useful information including details about the size, color, material, design, dimensions,

  • and etc. Provide your customers with all information needed, as they can’t inspect the product in person.
  • Use Keywords Using keywords is important if you want your potential customers to locate your shop and your products. Etsy allows you to use 14 keywords per product. Make sure to use them all and avoid generic keywords!

A Final Word

Now that you are familiar with a few tricks you can open your Etsy shop and start selling all kinds of products. Remember, you can be a successful Etsy seller even if you don’t make anything. So, are you ready to start your small online business?

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